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Swimovate Pool Mate Pro Watch

Swimovate Pool Mate Pro Watch
RRP: 109.99
Our Price: 70.00
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  • Swimovate Pool Mate Pro Watch
  • Swimovate Pool Mate Pro Watch
  • Swimovate Pool Mate Pro Watch

About Swimovate Pool Mate Pro Watch

The Pool-Mate Pro is the latest addition to the award winning Swimovate range of computers. As well as automatically counting your laps and strokes and calculating your speed, distance, calories and efficiency and displaying on the watch, the Pro will download all this data effortlessly to your PC or MAC so you can analyse your progress!

The watch contains motion sensors to automatically monitor the motion of your arm when swimming so you don’t have to worry about counting laps yourself and can concentrate on your technique or just relax and swim. The Pro package includes a download pod that plugs into your USB port and cable. The watch will simply and automatically transfer the data via Infrared link to the pod and your PC or MAC.

In addition to the statistics for the overall session it will record the same data for each individual set so you can see how all these metrics change through a swim session. You can even time your rest periods between sets. All data is stored in a large memory in the watch for review during or after a swim session (over 100 LOGS can be stored before download).

The included software is simple and intuitive to use and has multiple language support.

The watch is Water Resistant to 50 metres, works with all the major strokes, any length of pool over 18 metres whether yards or metres and doesn’t require any calibration.

As well as full digital watch functions including 12 or 24 hour format, alarm and backlight. It also has a useful Chrono mode so you can time your running, cycling, openwater swims or triathlons.

Key software features:
Download data from the Pool-Mate watch or add swims manually.
Grade your swim- Great, good, ok or bad!
Add notes or edit data
Select any session and examine in detail including individual sets within the swim
Graphical analysis of your stroke count, times, speed etc see how they have changed over time.
See how far you have swum this week or year.
Multiple swimmer support
See how many cup cakes you have burnt off in your swim!
View your fastest times, best stroke count etc. at a glance.
Multiple language support
Save as .csv file