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Aqua Lung Flexar Travel Snorkelling Set

Aqua Lung Flexar Travel Snorkelling Set
Our Price: 28.00
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XS/S (3-6)
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About Aqua Lung Flexar Travel Snorkelling Set

Great quality 3 Piece snorkelling set by Aqua Lung Sport.

The Vision Flex mask has lenses of toughened glass. Because the entire frame of the mask is concealed, the mask easy to store, and can take a beating. Because the glasses are placed at a slightly inclined angle, the sight of the Vision Flex is unprecedented. The mask is easy to adjust using the turn, pinch and pull Pro Glide buckles.

The Aqualung Airflex Purge is a high quality snorkel with excellent features. Anatomoically shaped and comfortable in the mouth. The corrugated flexible tube at the bottom is easy to retrieve if a little water gets into the snorkel. It is also easy to blow out any water with the Ultra Purge purge valve at the bottom . The top of the AirFlex Purge is splash proof so that hardly any water can get in the snorkel.

The Aqualung Flexar Travel fin is an open heel fin which is compact but perfectly formed. This makes it ideal for holiday and traveling. The foot pocket is made of ultra-flexible thermoplastic rubber which is designed to be worn barefoot, but can also be worn with a soft beach shoe. The heel strap on the back are adjustable in three positions so that it can be easily adjusted to the right size.

Includes mesh travel bag to carry and store gear

Colour: Black/White
Made In Italy