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Barracuda Defogger Anti Fog Solution

Barracuda Defogger Anti Fog Solution
Our Price: 3.49
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our rating 4 out of 5

''It Works!'' Different from the Aqua Sphere anti- fog spray we've sold for 10 years which has now been discontinued. This is more gloopy. You put one drop on each lens and buff dry rather than rinsing. We've had good reports so far. Baby oil used in the same way is said to give similar results but it's always nice to have a bottle of ant-fog in your swim bag.

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About Barracuda Defogger Anti Fog Solution

Defogger by Barracuda
Helps keep goggles fog-free.
5 fl.oz.
Directions: 1 drop on each lens. Spread over lens surface. Gently buff dry with soft cloth.