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Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

Finis Hydro Tracker GPS
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  • Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

About Finis Hydro Tracker GPS

Map your Open Water Swim with the Hydro Tracker GPS by FINIS.

Accurate GPS tracking. Can be used for swimming, running, walking, biking, skiing, hiking and more.
Online mapping and performance reporting.
Securely attaches to goggle straps.

Just put on the tracker and you're ready to go.

The Hydro Tracker attaches securely to goggle straps, resting on the back of the head and does not interfere with swimming technique. Global Positioning System satellites transmit signals to the Hydro Tracker recording your course accurately, no calibration needed. Dock your Hydro Tracker to upload your swim to the free FINIS Streamline Training Log. View a map of your route and watch time-lapse animation of your progress. Dig deeper to see key stats including elevations, splits, speed, accumulated time, distance and more. Export your progress to CSV or KML Google Earth file or share with others via a personalized link.
Accurate GPS Tracking
Engineered to rest on the back of the head so swimmers receive a constant GPS signal
Online Mapping
View your route on a satellite map complete with zoom function
Performance Reporting
Set goals and analyze stats including splits, speed, distance, accumulated time and elevation
Hydrodynamic Clips attach the tracker securely to goggle straps for optimal signal detection
Rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery
8-16 hours per charge pending on sampling rate
Watch the progress of your workout with a click of a button to see elevation variations
Neoprene Armband
Slip the tracker on your arm or bike for use in other outdoor activities
Export your data using CSV or Google Earth files or share via Facebook or Twitter
Multi-Sport Compatible
Can be used for swimming, running, walking, biking, skiing, hiking and more.
Adjustable Sampling Rate
Configure how often you want to record GPS data so that you can control accuracy and battery life
Built to withstand the roughest environments
PC & Mac Compatible

Hydro Tracker GPS