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Maru Groove Mirror Lens Goggle

Maru Groove Mirror Lens Goggles
Our Price: 18.99
our rating 5 out of 5

'Winner!' 220 Triathlon magazine review says:

"Thanks to their mirrored lenses, these goggles already win the ‘best goggle for psyching out the competition in a race’ award and with their orange lenses and wasp-coloured frames look pretty sharp too. Aside from that though, this pair impressed from the moment we pulled them on.

The deeper lenses mean visibility is excellent and this is helped by the curved shape meaning in a choppy lake they gave unrivalled visibility. The lenses are quite rigid in construction, but the flex in the nosepiece meant we had no trouble with the fit, while the seals were soft and comfortable and gave us no issues with leaking.

The polarised lenses performed well on a day with changeable weather and when cloudy, didn’t make things too dark. The chunky straps reassured us that they would stay in place and adjustability was easy via two small levers. All in all, a superb goggle for an unbelievable price.

Verdict: Unrivalled performance at half the price of others, 93%"

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  • Maru Groove Mirror Lens Goggles

About Maru Groove Mirror Lens Goggles

The definitive all purpose sport goggle for fitness and leisure. Designed for performance, durability and comfort. Double Siltex strap ensure a great fit.

Awarded 220 Triathlon magazine's "Best On Test" - "Verdict: Unrivalled performance at half the price of others, 93%".

Goggle Features:

Polarised Mirror Lens
Anit Fog
U.V. protection
Quick adjustment
Siltex seals
Polycarbonate lens
Split single Siltex strap

Made in China