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Swimming Without Stress - Lessons For Landlovers

Swimming Without Stress - Lessons For Landlovers
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our rating 5 out of 5

'Of course, we think it's great. ' Here are some other comments:

"The book is a little treasure." John.

..It's short and easy to read without any unnecessary fluff, and great for building your confidence and feeling comfortable in the water...220 Triathlon magazine review

"Swimming Without Stress is a wonderful book and I would recommend it to any budding swimmer who wants to improve their confidence and technique." Carole

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About Swimming Without Stress - Lessons For Landlovers

Swimming without Stress: Lessons for Land Lovers is swimming teacher Ian Cross’s essential guide for novice swimmers, improvers and aspiring triathletes.

"The book, Swimming without Stress, Lessons for Land Lovers is full of great advice & tips & being self taught many years ago I've found it invaluable." Carole, June '17

Part One: Swimming Fundamentals for Land Lovers shows you how to make friends with the water and move easily on your front and back. The three main strokes, front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke, are described from the point of view of the Alexander Technique.

Part Two: Train without Strain inspires confidence, motivates and prepares you for swimming and triathlon training.

This series of thirteen articles was first published in British Runner magazine in 2004

Available in either paperback with free postage or as an electronic file which we'll email to you.

The book is now available at the Amazon Kindle store, with a new design for comfortable reading on devices and a new set of photos. This is the version you'll receive from us too.

If you have a Kindle, it might be easier for you to buy the electronic version from the Kindle store. If you have an Android device, the file we send you by email will be opened in Google Play Books.