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Swimovate 2 PoolMate Watch

Swimovate Poolmate 2 Watch
RRP: 70.00
Our Price: 50.00
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  • Swimovate Poolmate 2 Watch
  • Swimovate Poolmate 2 Watch
  • Swimovate Poolmate 2 Watch

About Swimovate Poolmate 2 Watch

Lap counting swim watch.
The PoolMate2 features patented lap-counting technology with the addition of an open water mode to track swims in lakes, the sea or rivers.

With a 2 year battery life, a crystal glass face, large clear display and chrono mode for other activities it’s a great watch, at a great price.

50m water resistance. Open water and chrono modes. 50+ logs. 99 sets.

The best swimming watches made by swimmers, for swimmers, PoolMates are the answer for swimmers looking for a watch that includes a fully automatic lap and stroke counter. They are the perfect watch for swimming because they automatically track each swim stroke and lap change. No more counting your laps as you go.

PoolMates are fully functional and stylish swimming lap counter watches that display lap count, time, average strokes per lap, speed, distance, calories and efficiency. Details are stored automatically in the watch, making it easy to come back to them later for review.

As any swimmer knows, it’s easy to forget your lap count when concentrating on technique or if the mind wanders! PoolMates don’t just count your laps though, they track your stroke count, distance, speed, calories, times and efficiency, and store that data for later analysis. This can help you maximize efficiency when in the pool by being able to focus more on each stroke and less on counting laps.As each swim session is recorded on the watch and downloadable (in the case of the PoolMatePro), there is an added incentive to keep up the effort. No one wants to have a poor session staring them in the face each time they view their data- so PoolMates can help keep you focused and your training on track. If you struggle with motivation in the pool PoolMates can make a huge difference to your swimming.A feature of particular interest is that you can obtain swim data from each set that you swim and compare it against another. This way it’s easy to see if you are tiring as you complete a multi-set session and see how your efficiency is compromised. You can also time rest periods between swim sets on the watch rather than using the pace clock on the pool wall- a great help for the short sighted amongst us!

In The Pool:
All strokes, pools over 18m

In Open Water:
A simple calibration lap is all that’s required to set up the special open water mode, which uses the in- built accelerometer to work out the swim metrics. Using this method rather than GPS, which takes a lot of power and has difficulties operating in water, means the PoolMate2 has a battery life of over 2 years!
The open water mode is a swim pedometer. Swim a lap of a known distance first and follow the calibration instructions then the watch will use this information for subsequent open water swims. Recalibrate regularly for best results.

Out Of The Water:
Time and Date - 24 hour clock and alarm
99 set stop watch
Battery life of 2 years +

Strap fits wrists from 14.5 to 21.5cm

12 month guarantee

Designed in England