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View Selene Mirrored Goggles

View Selene Ladies Mirrored Goggles
Our Price: 23.00
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our rating 5 out of 5

'Quality lenses' The quality of these lenses is second to none.

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About View Selene Ladies Mirrored Goggles

Lenses of exceptional quality and very soft watertight seal.

Designed solely by a women only team the View Selene swimming goggle is designed for the needs of a female swimmer.
User-friendly and incredibly comfortable.
Designed with a soft cushion seal for superior comfort, the result is a face pad that fits gently on the skin. The fitting sensation is like nothing you’ve felt before.
Featuring super anti-fog treatment, E-Z Strap, and UV Protection.
The Selene swimming goggle is also designed with a wide field of vision to make the wearer more comfortable with their surroundings. In adults, the distance between the eyes is different in men and women, the Selene swimming goggle has been designed purely for a women's face and the soft silicone nose piece has been adjusted for women users allowing a more relaxing fit.

Also available with non-mirrored lenses.

Made in Japan.

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Mirrored Lenses
Super Anti-Fog Treatment
100% UV Protection (under 380nm)
E-Z Strap
One-Piece Construction
Easy adjustment
Wide field of view ensures peace of mind and comfort
Cushion seal type face pad
A semi-hard case accessory
A VIEW-exclusive fitting sensation, soft to the skin

Materials Used:
Eye Cup & Strap Adjuster: Polycarbonate
Face Pad, Strap & Nose Bridge: T.P.E.