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Zoggs Zoggy Dive Sticks

Zoggs Zoggy Dive Sticks
RRP: 13.00
Our Price: 8.00
our rating 5 out of 5

'Kids Love Diving For These' With seal heads and feet, these dive sticks are our favourite pool toy, the only one Ian uses. Watch them descend and land on their feet and swim after them, top of the head leading! Unbreakable, difficult to lose and if you do lose one, you've still got three more!

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About Zoggs Zoggy Dive Sticks

Encourages and builds confidence in and underwater.
Soft and flexible for safety.

Zoggy Dive Sticks are designed to encourage confidence in and under the water. Each pack contains 4 different coloured Zoggy the Seal dive sticks with 2 different coloured logos. The Zoggy Dive Sticks are allowed to sink to the bottom of the pool in different locations and then collected in pairs by either 1 or 2 players. Remember seeing underwater will be a lot easier with your goggles protecting your eyes from chlorine and a cap to keep your hair off your face.

3 Years+