Aquasphere Vista Mirrored Lens Goggles

Aquasphere Vista Mirrored Lens Goggles

The best-selling Vista goggles now come with a Mirrored Lens. Great for open water or any bright light swims.

Iridescent mirror lenses : Maximizes visibility. Decreased light transmission. Great for indoors or overcast conditions outdoors.

Blue mirror lenses: Maximum light protection. Boosts colour contrast. Enhances warm colour against blue. Good for bright light conditions.

Silver mirror lenses: Maximum light protection. Boosts colour contrast. Infra red cut. Good for bright light conditions.

Indigo mirror lenses: Increased glare reduction. Enhanced yellow and orange colours. VLT (Visible Light Transmission = 16%. Lens base = Smoke. Greater visusl acuity. Great for sunny outdoor conditions. 

The Vista is a durable silicone mask made for unpredictable environments. Vista's low profile virtually eliminates all of the drag experienced with other swimming masks. With its soft silicone skirt and one touch buckle, you are endured a comfortable, custom fit so you can focus on your swim, not on your gear.

• 180-degree Distortion-Free Visibility

• Curved Lens Technology

• One-touch, Quick-Fit Buckle: the perfect fit with simple adjustments

• Comfortable, leak-resistant Silicone skirt

• Durable Polycarbonate lenses with anti-fog and scratch resistant coating

• Latex free, hypoallergenic

For additional protection, see the eco-friendly anti-fog solution Sea-Clr Antifog Spray.

Made in Italy

Also available:

Regular Lens Vista

Vista Pro

Vista Pro Mirrored Lens


Born 1998 in Genoa, Italy.

Inspired by years of working in the scuba diving industry, it took the Italian engineers, P.Ferraro and G.Beltrani, two years of experimenting, testing and prototyping to finally patent the first curve lens with no visibility distortion: the Seal swim mask.

From creative ingenuity to performance.

Sharpened over more than 30 years of research, Aquasphere's craftsmanship excellence is based on purposefully advanced and patented technologies, high-quality materials and driven by our swimming community.

Authentic passion.

Whatever the playground, we gear the free-spirited swimmer and celebrate each individual in their pursuit of achievement.

£42.50 - £46.50
£42.50 - £46.50


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