Trislide Lubricating Spray (Max 2 per order)

Trislide Lubricating Spray (Max 2 per order)

Please note: We can only send a maximum of two TriSlides per order and can not send outside of UK Mainland.

TriSlide is an anti-friction, anti-chafing continuous spray skin lubricant that gives you the freedom of movement by keeping you comfortable and competitive! With a single press TriSlide sprays on evenly and leaves a silky feel allowing the skin to breathe while performing. When sprayed directly onto the skin, TriSlide eliminates blistering and hot spots on runner's feet, plus prevents all skin chafing and chamois chafing found in cycling. TriSlide is waterproof and sweat proof therefore it will stay on the skin for hours.

TriSlide is completely safe to use with all fabrics, including neoprene, will not stain clothes, and can simply be removed with soap and water.

TriSlide is safe to share and will not melt, crumble, leak or develop bacteria.

"Great product - works brilliantly to avoid wetsuit chafing, even in salt water. Goes on easily and stays put in the water. Easy to avoid getting on your hands too, so no problems with smeary goggles!" Barbara, July '17

"Used this for an Olympic distance triathlon. No problems with rubbing anywhere and definitely sped up wetsuit removal. Worked exactly as needed." Richard, Sept '16

Please note: We can't send Trislide outside of the UK Mainland.

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