Look Clear Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Kit

Look Clear Neoprene Wetsuit Repair Kit

Essential repair kit for wetsuits.

Specially designed for instant and permanent repairs to holes, tears or leaking seams in most types of water sports items, such as neoprene wetsuits, gloves, boots and all neoprene accessories. It is ideal also to high wear areas like knee and elbow sections to help protect against abrasion. 

Fast drying repair kit contains:

  • 1x 30g tube black neoprene glue
  • 4x neoprene patches
  • 1x disposable gloves

Made in Italy

Instructions for use:

Apply glue on both parts to be glued. Press and hold the surfaces together. Wait form 10 to 20 minutes according to climatic conditions and make sure that the surfaces are fully bonded and dry before use.

Ideal for diving, surfing, kitesurfing, sailing, triathlon, water-skiing and swimming.



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