Swimming Without Stress - Lessons For Landlovers

Swimming Without Stress - Lessons For Landlovers

Swimming without Stress: Lessons for Land Lovers is swimming teacher Ian Cross’s essential guide for novice swimmers, improvers and aspiring triathletes.

Part One: Swimming Fundamentals for Land Lovers shows you how to make friends with the water and move easily on your front and back. The three main strokes, front crawl, breaststroke and backstroke, are described from the point of view of the Alexander Technique.

        Part Two: Train without Strain inspires confidence, motivates and prepares you for swimming and triathlon training.

This series of thirteen articles was first published in British Runner magazine in 2004

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"The book, Swimming without Stress, Lessons for Land Lovers is full of great advice & tips & being self taught many years ago I've found it invaluable." Carole, June '17

"I stumbled across your Facebook page, and it reminded of when I downloaded your excellent ebook many years ago, 10 at least. I had always wanted to swim but could never manage more than a dog paddle and floating on my back.

Your book totally changed the way I viewed water; not as something to be conquered, but to be embraced and supported by. Using nothing more than your simple but information-packed book, I taught myself to swim. I ended up being able to do laps for 45 mins to an hour at the local pool; that was starting from a half lap before stopping to huff and puff.

That pool has long since closed, and I still miss those hour long Zen moments. Swimming totally cleared my mind like nothing else ever has. After all, when you're focusing on nothing but your breathing, and the way the water feels slipping through your hands, there's no room for anything else.

Once again, kudos for your mission! " John, June 2018

"As an average swimmer I have tried to improve my techniques so that I could swim better and for longer. I have found this book invaluable as a guide. Ian Cross' approach is focussed on relaxing and taking things step by step (or stroke by stroke!) I was struggling with the front crawl, barely able to finish a length and now I'm confident in swimming 5! For me, this is probably the best and most user-friendly guide of any kind that I've ever read." July, 2013

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