Ultimate Floats Tow Float with Phone Case and Thermometer

Ultimate Floats Tow Float with Phone Case and Thermometer

A premium Tow Float, using high-quality materials and including multiple clever features.

Designed to produce minimal drag - you will barely notice it behind you.

28 litres of storage fits all your essentials, including keys, wallet, shoes, change of clothes etc.

The 190T nylon is built to last and is extremely watertight when closed. It will take daily punishment from the sun, sea salt and being thrown around for many years.

Two air chambers for extra safety and a whistle attached.

Two webbing handles to hold onto securely if you need a break or get cramp etc.

External pocket big enough to carry water and snacks for your longer swims, and your phone. A great place to put your watch to accurately track a swim (avoids annoying GPS dropout). 

Swivel buckle connecting to waist strap to stop the annoying twisting and tangling of the strap when you are out of the water.

Includes a waterproof phone case to keep your phone dry, and a place to store your 'In Case Of Emergency' contact information, and a thermometer.



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